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Meet Aspen - he is a loving boy. Shar-pei/Rotti mix. He would do well in a home with people who have experience raising guarding breeds. He is eager to learn and take direction. He just needs guidance.  Call PAWS for a meet and greet !!




Meet Cory - he is a shep/lab mix. maybe a little collie, with the white bib !  He is a loving dog, full of snuggles. LOVES to play, good off leash, good with basic commands, still working on his manners. VERY athletic !!  He may leap the gate and into your arms!  Please come and visit our boy !!


Have you  met Libby yet. She is a wire haired doodle. SUPER sweet, fetching machine. great with kids. Call if you would like to meet her !! 



We are happy to have had the opportunity to Foster Furry Friends over the last few years.  Our doggie families have been enriched by their new companions !

Ms Chloe was our first foster girl.  Her mom was not well.  She was a daycare girl who was invited to stay, & we found a great family for her and she has never looked back !

  With the help of In Dogs We Trust - we were put in contact with a Sheltie rescue & they matched a home for Misty overnight !


 Mr Murray . . .  was an impulse adoption, our good friends, however,  were looking for a great family dog, so they took him on loan and never brought him back !

Maya was just not working out for her family - we found a man with a soft spot for shepherds . . .

Moira was a wanderer UNTIL she met her new family.  Her new owner has seizures AND she indicates when they are going to happen - it was just natural for her !!  She has found her calling . . .


We are pleased to work with Paws United, with their puppy   fostering program, starting Mothers' Day Weekend 2012 !


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


 the lovely Goochi needs a home ! She is spayed - 1 yr. Loving Playful addition to a family. She is a Lab-Mastif cross. Please check her out !!

 adopted !


Tabby is a fun loving girl that LOVES big dogs. 1 Yr old, spayed and needing guidance, but willing to learn. YOU will love her !!

adopted !

Dana, Silis & Celia - they are heart breakers ! Mom was a Jack Rus. - Dad was a fast talking German Shep. Pups are 8 wks old and a real treat to spend time with.

adopted !

Meet Zeus - I call him Sid - he looks like Sid from Ice Age. Is

just a great little guy ~ would be perfect for a senior or family. Loves to relax and watch TV, enjoys walks and long naps ~ he is my kind of man !




 Meet Chilli !  This Lovely 9 week old rescue is just SO smart !  She is doing SO well with potty training & sleeping in her crate.  Pass her pic along !


Next is Harvey - & he is SUCH a Harvey - an easy going pup who wants to hang out with his people

adopted ! 

Ms Montana is a great girl - who would be a good second dog, She really likes the security of company and looks up to mature leadership.